New Procedures for Attending Mass

News August 14, 2020

By now you are probably aware that Saugus has been designated as "high risk" for Covid-19, and so we have to change our procedures for anyone entering our buildings, including the church buildings. Effective immediately, for weekend Masses, everyone who wishes to come in to Blessed Sacrament Church will have to have their temperature taken before they enter. Any temperature over 100.4F is considered a fever by the CDC. If someone registers a temperature of 100.4 or greater, that person will be taken aside and informed that they have a fever and should contact their physician. Then that person has to leave the building immediately.

In order to accommodate this procedure, we are asking people to enter the church only through the front door on the rectory building side. We will have people stationed there to take your temperature. Assuming that you do not have a fever, you will enter through the vestibule doors into the church. If you do have a fever, you will be escorted out through the front door on the other side of the vestibule.

This procedure will be in place for all Masses, funerals, Baptisms, and any other worship events. The procedure for leaving the church is as it has been: you will exit the side doors.

If anyone requires the Lift, we ask that you let us know when you register for Mass. We will give you a cell phone number to call when you arrive so that we can open the Lift side door for you.

The procedures remain the same with regard to reservations, masks, remaining in your assigned seat at all times, and receiving Holy Communion as you exit.

Thank you for your cooperation through all these changes.