From the Desk of Fr. Tim

News March 17, 2021

Looking ahead, members of the staff looked to the celebration of Holy Week in light of COVID-19 and the guidance and protocols of the Archdiocese.

Masks are to be worn at all times covering the mouth and the nose, social distancing is to be strictly observed, no congregational singing, no altar server. The archdiocese has said that we can have one adult altar server at the liturgies. Ventilation is to be kept at as high a level as possible and surfaces are to be cleaned after each gathering. Windows will be open and fans will be on. Please dress accordingly.

Palm Sunday: Palms will be passed out the end of Mass by a gloved usher. Palms will only be distributed at the end of the two-in person Masses and at the drive thru Communion at Blessed Sacrament. The Archdiocese has stated that there are no palms to be left on a ta-ble for people to pick up.

Holy Thursday: There will be no washing of the feet and strict social distancing should be observed in any procession. Knowing how difficult it is to maintain social distancing in a
procession, the Eucharist will not be transferred to the tabernacle in the Parish Hall as in the past but will be reposed in the tabernacle in the Church until 8:30. Due to the need to
remain in the pew until the Mass is over or stay for awhile in prayer after the Mass, Holy
Communion will be brought to those in the pews at the regular time. People may leave the Church after the priest and deacon leave the sanctuary.

Good Friday: During the veneration of the cross people will remain in their pews. The cross will be raised three times and the acclamation will be said. There will be no movement of the congregation during this time. During the time of veneration there will be a song for
reflection and silence. Communion will be distributed at the end and people will leave in silence maintaining social distancing.

Easter Vigil: the Easter Vigil will begin outside with the priest, two deacons, and the altar server. After the lighting of the candle these four people will process into the darkened church. There will be no candles for the congregation. The three acclamations will be said. Upon arriving in the sanctuary the candle will be placed in the holder and the Exsultet will be sung. After each reading there will be a period of silence instead of a sung psalm. At the appropriate time the Gloria will be said and the lights will come on. There will be no sacraments conferred this evening but there will be a blessing of water, sprinkling and renewal of Baptismal Promises. There will be no bowl of water to be blessed. The water will be blessed in the container that will be used for the sprinkling. Communion will be distributed at the end of the Mass.

Again, we ask your understanding and cooperation with these adjustments. Our goal is to celebrate with reverence and dignity while keeping everyone safe.

Fr. Tim