Parish Finances

The Saugus Catholics Collaborative leadership team is responsible for the financial resources which have been entrusted to us and we take this responsibility seriously. This responsibility includes safeguarding  assets, exercising prudence in financial matters, accountability to those who provide monetary support to the parishes within the collaborataive and to regulatory authorities, and compliance with all civil regulations. As such, we are committed to the highest standards of fiscal integrity and accountability.  Each parish in our collaborative (Blessed Sacrament & St. Margaret's) maintains itsr own financial records and all donations remain within the parish where the donation was made.  Below are some links that should help you understand how our finances are managed.

We have several ways that you can contribute to your parish.

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Parish Finance Council

The Saugus Catholics Collaborative has two separate Parish Finance Councils for each parish; Blessed Sacrament and St. Margaret's.  Both Councils meet together every three months and are consultative committees providing guidance to the pastor.  The Councils regularly study income and expenses and make recommendations on the fiscal health of the parishes. The Councils are responsible for overseeing the fiscal demands of operating the parishes and planning for their future.

You are always welcome and encouraged to share your thoughts and ideas about the finances of the parish with anyone from the PFCs who will then bring your thoughts to our meetings, or by email at [email protected]

Annual Report

To see our Annual Report which includes the last two year's of financial results for each parish as well as the financial plan for the current fiscal year, click below.

Saugus Collaborative Annual Report >

Our fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.