During construction, all daily Masses, funerals and meetings will be moved from St. Margaret's to Blessed Sacrament until the Lift is operational. Weekend liturgies will continue at St. Margaret's.
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October 2012

Oct 9

Physician Assisted Suicide and the Challenge to all Christians

Last weekend, I was privileged to participate in a training program for volunteers to work with cancer patients. One of the trainers, a wonderful woman I have known for almost twenty years, was sharing her story with the group. I have heard her story many times, but somehow this time I heard it with different ears. This time I heard it against...
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Oct 1

Secret Santa

"I don't know if it happened again this Christmas season, but for many years in the Kansas City area a 'Secret Santa' has sought out people who are down on their luck and quietly slipped them an envelope with a crisp $100 bill tucked inside. The people are usually astonished at this unmerited act of generosity. Many stand there with tears...
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