During construction, all daily Masses, funerals and meetings will be moved from St. Margaret's to Blessed Sacrament until the Lift is operational. Weekend liturgies will continue at St. Margaret's.
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April 2012

Apr 20

Everything We Need to Survive, God Put on Auto-pilot

Here's an exercise for you: take conscious control of your breathing. OK now, in (2,3,4) and out (2,3,4.) And in (2,3,4) and out (2,3,4.) Got that down pat? Good. If you are starting to get dizzy, stop trying and go back to automatic. Let's move on now to heartbeat. Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub...Got that one? Don't stop breathing now (in 2,3,4,...
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Apr 13

St. Casilda

Saint Casilda was born in the 10th century into a Muslim family in the city of Toledo, Spain.  Her father was an emir, or prince.  This was at a time when the Moors had invaded southern Spain.   The Moors were Muslims from the northwest corner of Africa, including Arabs and Berbers.  They came to Spain in 711, bringing...
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