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Adoration In the Eyes of a Teenager

 Have you ever looked at the Eucharist and thought “Is this really God?” or “How do I know for sure that this isn’t just a piece of bread?” I know I have. Adoration searched in Wikipedia is Latin is for love given with deep affection. The term comes from the Latin adōrātiō, meaning "to give homage or worship to someone or something”. I asked a couple of my teenage friends what Adoration means to them and this is what they came up with.

            Siobhan (17) –It is being in the presence of Jesus to worship, glorify, and listen to Him. For me, it generally involved me offering Him my life repeatedly and trying to understand His will and being open to Him.

            Jenn (20) - Adoration is Peace.

            Ben (17) – Adoration is admiring Jesus with your whole heart and mind.

            Dave (19) - Adoration is the humbling presence of God before you in the most humble form of bread. It is a way to let the love of God flow through you just by sitting, kneeling, and praying in His presence. It is not something that you see, it is something you feel, it is something that cleanses your soul and turns your world on its side. It’s something to make you really see how great God is, and how much He loves you, for that ONE moment, that everlasting tick of the clock, it shows how much God would give for you, for me for anyone, and it is the manifestation of LOVE.

I agree with Dave. My first personal experience in Adoration was in the eighth grade. I went with my youth minister Andrea, to a youth event called Steubenville East at La Salette Shrine in Attleboro Ma. She “warned” us on the effects the experience would have on us and how we would all have our own individual opinions. She explained that some people cried, laughed, and would pass out from being in the presence of God. That was a GREAT way to scare all of us teens into turning around, but we didn’t. I went in expecting it to be the worst experience of my life when really it turned out to be the most monumental moment that drastically changed my life forever. From that humid Saturday night on I grew to have a RELATIONSHIP with God. Not most teenagers can say that. When I came home I tried explaining it to my mother and step father but it is like riding a roller coaster. You can talk about the thrill and excitement but until that person experiences it for themselves they will have no idea.

My best friend Patty got asked by One Billion Stories to talk about Adoration in a teenager’s perspective. One Billion Stories has a Mission Statement: “Inspire devotion to Jesus Christ, by sharing Catholics’ personal stories on the ‘digital continent’ that are rooted in fidelity to the Magisterium of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, through contemporary communication mediums.”

This mission will focus on 3 steps:

1. Attract everyday Internet users with engaging stories and captivating content

2. Cultivate reflection on the stories with questions, comments, and forums

3. Inspire action to get involved by sharing authentic Catholic resources that are faithful to the Magisterium

Click on the link to hear her story. http://onebillionstories.com/8706/adoration-eyes-teenager/

            Check out my favorite place for adoration, Lift Ministries. It is a Catholic ministry based in the Boston area that hosts monthly worship nights featuring awesome praise & worship music, dynamic Catholic speakers and Eucharistic Adoration. Hundreds of Catholics of all ages attend these events every month. More information available at www.liftedhigher.com


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